I have been interested in photography since the days of  the family Brownie. I was 18 and going away in the U.S. Navy when, as a gift, I received my first camera, a Kodak InstaMatic. I took as many pictures as my money would allow me to purchase film, flash bulb (cube) and to get the film developed. I'm a self taught photographer, but I'm always trying to learn more to improve my style. Photography is an art form that is a gift from God. Buying the photography equipment to make me better at this art form is an ongoing process. I got my professional start by permission of my Pastor (Bishop James Dixon II) and The Community Of Faith Church of Houston, Texas when I was asked to function as the Church Photographer. First I thank God for this opportunity and I thank Bishop Dixon for the trust he has in me.

I enjoy taking photos of all types. I look forward to when my photos will be featured in numerous magazines and ads as well as other media in the United States and abroad. My lifelong dream is have one of my photos receive the Pulitzer.

Also check me out at www.myspace.com/howardcallaway